Point-to-Point Service Inspections

Compressor Technologies, Inc. is pleased to offer you the services of our Master
Technicians in the completion of a "Point-to-Point" or detailed review of the condition of your
compressed air system(s).

Including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Travel to and from your facility.
  • Inspection of each major component within your compressor room:
    • Compressor(s)
    • Receiver(s)
    • Air - Treatment system (aftercoolers, dryers, and filters)
    • - Condensate handling (drains, lift, pumps, oil/water separators)
  • Written report of equipment operating condition.
  • Personal review of processes and recommendation(s) of changes to positively affect
    efficiencies of operation or quality of system delivery.

The goal of this offering is to ascertain the current operating condition of your compressed air
system through the use of a highly experienced, certified, compressor technician and allowing
you to economically predict current or future modifications necessary to assure uninterrupted
compressed air quality and supply.

The fee for this service is $150.00 per plant location.

Please note: We suggest that a member of your maintenance department accompany us during
the inspection for the added value of understanding the areas of concern.


Select Department below that you would like to send email to:


4420 40th Street S.E.


12880 Cloverdale

Grand Rapids, MI 49512


Oak Park, MI 48237

Phone 616-949-7000 or 1-800-968-4422

 Fax 616-949-7799

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