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Because of ever-changing demands for CFM, the consumption increases do not necessarily
require more air compressors or more horsepower.

Most suppliers of compressor equipment will provide an air survey, not to be confused with an

A survey is a snapshot of the current system under current load and assumed demands. Any
detailed measurement of the system to provide qualified data is usually either cost prohibitive,
or the need for an easy fix to update the system takes precedence. The result: Three air
compressor distributors providing bids to sell you more "stuff"!

What sets us apart as an auditor
is that we quantify the results and detail
steps to measure and justify the pay back.

An audit is a service provided to manage the compressed air system from intake to process.

It is not a shortcut or a survey to see what other "stuff" you need to buy.

Start your project with an audit, take the steps to manage your compressed air system...
and stop wasting your money!

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